Los Pinos 1-1

January 2010, Stephen and an Eileen Reese-Jones

We were glad to spend a week in Spain this year even though the weather was atrocious, we found that you left everything the same as with the former owners. Your property manager also showed us the other apartments you own in Los Arqueros and we would like to bring the following points under your attention. It seems to us that the other apartments are finished in a much higher standard than Los Pinos, even though you charge the same price. We saw that you have luxury items like an espresso machine, microwave and flat screen TV with DVD and modern satellite system as standard in these apartments. Mr. Bennett informed us that you have a mayor refurbishment planned for Los Pinos in February, we cannot stress more how much we appreciate this since we are very fond of Los Pinos. Please send us some pictures after you have finished the works, we would love to return to Los Pinos, but the higher standards of the other apartments are tempting.

Kind regards, Stephen & Eileen


Dear Mr. and Mrs Reese-Jones, dear Stephen and Eileen,
You are absolutely right, the refurbishment will start early February, we will have the apartment painted, we ordered some new furniture, the kitchen appliances will be updated and ‘new feature’ there will be direct access to the pool area since we will knock down the wall to the pool and put in a gate, the community area direct behind it will be retiled by us, basically giving you a much bigger terrace. All in all it will give a more modern feeling, without losing the original, cozy atmosphere.
We trust you will love it and we kindly invite you back for next year to come and see for yourself, we will send you the pictures as soon as it’s ready.

Regards Dap.

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